Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Small Business Idea #638: How To Start Your Own Quilt Shop

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Small Business Ideas and OpportunitiesThis ancient craft dates back to time when people had very little in the way of pretty fabric and lot of time on their hands. The past twenty years have however seen a global resurgence of this enchanting craft. Today beginners and experts are producing machine and hand stitched quilts of superb quality. With these growing trends enthusiasts are also looking at how to start your own quilt shop proposals.

One needs only basic sewing skills to make a quilt. When a person decides to make a comforter for their home or as a present they very quickly become totally engrossed in what they are doing. The time taken to decide on a pattern to choose, searching for the main fabric that will form the central theme and all the other materials to mix and match and contrast can be challenging and sometimes daunting.

Many shops however often do not have the choice or type of fabric one may be looking for or the staff proves unhelpful. For a crafter who has experienced these problems there is always the thought at the back of their minds that they would do it differently if the shop was theirs. Before one can even contemplate owning a quilting business they should themselves need to have a basic knowledge of quilting.

Before setting up, a person needs to do market research into the viability of such a venture. New quilting trends, the number of quilters living in the area and the shop’s accessibility to passing trade a few of the factors they need to know. The amount of money available for setting up and stocking the business needs to be determined.

To launch a new enterprise one may need a gimmick or offer something special. Only the best quality material should be sold as using cheap or sub-standard fabric to make a quilt is very short-sighted. Quilts have a tendency to become an item handed down through generations and a person should therefore use only the best fabric available.

It is recommended that one research what is new and trendy in quilting and ensure that it will be available in their shop. Choose a theme and specialize in it with complementing and contrasting fabrics.

Introduce special classes to encourage people to visit the business. Even beginners are drawn to interesting classes and they will purchase all their class requirements from the store. Set targets and goals to ensure that once one has decided on how to start your own quilt shop they will have a business plan in place.

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